The Q1 2022
NetSuite User Group Virtual Summit

Our Q1 2022 NetSuite User Group Virtual Summit brought together users from across the country for what we hope to be the last Virtual meeting prior to making the transition back to in-person events in Q2.

Sessions kicked off with a presentation by Senior NetSuite Solution Consultant Tim Schobel. Tim took a deep dive into NetSuite Dashboards, displaying how to create and manage this key functionality from an admin and user perspective.

Next up, Gavin Davidson from Oracle NetSuite details everything you need to know about the 2022.1 Release. Highlights from this session included an examination of NetSuite's Vertical Strategies, a peek at WMS Enhancements, and several improvements designed to deliver frictionless inventory management.

Following Gavin is NetSuite Account Manager Shannon Moffett with her presentation about three free, or mostly free resources that NetSuite offers to the community - The NetSuite Business Review,, and Learning Cloud Support, more commonly referred to as LCS.

Check out our Keynote Discussion with Marc Balcke - Corporate Controller for Noom. This in-depth, candid conversation will take you behind the scenes of Noom's rapid journey from Start-Up to IPO, and provide some insights around how Noom is leveraging NetSuite in a fast paced growth environment.

Our final session introduces the community to NetSuite Solution Architect Michael Sullivan, who tag-teams with a familiar User Group speaker - BSP's Chief Solution Architect Hussain Zaidi - for an introduction to the Supply Planning Workbench and tips on how to achieve a more streamlined approach to inventory allocation.

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1:00p ET / 10:00a PT

Welcome, Introductions & Announcements

1:10p ET / 10:10a PT

Creating Management Dashboards


Tim Schobel - Senior Manager, Solutions Specialist @ Business Solution Partners

Customizing the NetSuite Dashboard provides users with essential data right at their fingertips. You'd be amazed at how versatile and customizable the NetSuite's Dashboard is. In this session, Business Solution Partners' Tim Schobel will walk the group through dashboard functions from basic to advanced, and lead a discussion around selecting the right data and format to make your dashboards shine.

1:45p ET / 10:45a PT

NetSuite 2022.1 Release Preview


Gavin Davidson - ERP Product Manager @ Oracle NetSuite

It's that time of year again... NetSuite's bi-annual update is rolling out to portals now through April, and the 2022.1 release is jam packed with updates and enhancements. Join NetSuite Product Manager Gavin Davidson for an in-depth exploration of the latest release.

New 360° Dashboards provide a comprehensive top down view of Projects and Cash Positions. The Warehouse Management System (WMS) has some updates that the community has been clamoring for including Zone Pick & Merge Functionality, the ability to search and print item labels from any screen, and the new tally scan functionality that counts items as their scanned. And we're only scratching the surface... In this session, we will explore all of these enhancements, as well as the new 2022.1 features and functionality around Manufacturing, Distribution, Retail, Services, Software, Non-Profit, Financials, Warehouse Management, Human Resources and Analytics.

2:40p ET / 11:40p PT

3 Things NetSuite Offers For Free (Or Mostly Free...) That You Should Be Taking Advantage of Today!


Shannon Moffett - NetSuite Account Manager @ Business Solution Partners

NetSuite users should be taking advantage of every "leg up" that is offered. But many new users, and even some that have logged countless hours on the platform, fail to realize that there are some free, or nearly free things within the NetSuite ecosystem that you should be taking advantage of today! Join Business Solution Partners' Account Manager Shannon Moffett for an examination of the SuiteApp marketplace, the SuiteAnswers knowledge repository, and NetSuite's Learning Cloud Support, better known as LCS.

3:05p ET / 12:05p PT

How Noom Is Using NetSuite to Manage Growth


Marc Balcke - Corporate Controller @ Noom

Even before the events of the pandemic, healthy lifestyle company Noom was experiencing tremendous growth. With the onset of lockdowns and work-from-home, the average person started looking inward, focusing efforts on the homestead and their health. During this time, Noom's membership exploded, and the finance team needed to rapidly adapt to maintain control of their runaway train. Noom's corporate controller Marc Balcke will join us to discuss how NetSuite, and it's ecosystem of 3rd Party integrated solutions, facilitated growth and supported the ever expanding needs of Noom's management.

3:40p ET / 12:40p PT

Supply Planning Workbench & Inventory Allocation


Hussain Zaidi - Chief Solution Architect @ Business Solution Partners
Michael Sullivan - NetSuite Solution Architect @ Business Solution Partners

In this "bonus" session, we're going to focus on the supply chain - an area of business operations that has experienced much chaos over the past several years. Join BSP's Hussain Zaidi and Michael Sullivan for an overview of the Supply Planning Workbench - NetSuite's solution to show supply and demand orders and give operations teams the ability to dig into the details on where components and finished goods are pegged.

You'll also discover how to know whether supplies are dedicated to customer orders, work orders or transfer orders. These features enable Inventory managers to split available supplies by profitability, critical customers or sales channels. The Supply Planning Workbench helps companies ensure they have all the parts and materials available to meet planned or expected delivery dates and make adjustments on the fly.

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