About Our User Group


About The Southern California NetSuite User Group

The SoCal NetSuite User Group is a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization comprised of NetSuite Users, NetSuite Partners, and NetSuite Professionals that work within the NetSuite Ecosystem. We also invite Software Publishers who's products seamlessly integrate with the NetSuite experience to sponsor, present and learn from our group. This is a forum for like-minded professionals to network, learn and share experiences with the NetSuite Platform. We help and receive help from each other to make our professional lives a little easier. If you live or work in the Los Angeles Area, including Anaheim, San Bernardino, Orange County, as far North as Santa Barbara and as far South as San Diego, this is the NetSuite User Group for you! We host quarterly in-person meetings, often in several locations throughout the Los Angeles Area to ensure users from this diverse geographical region all have a chance to participate. In response to the pandemic, our meetings are all virtual until further notice.

About Our Members

Our NUG is made up of NetSuite users and NetSuite professionals that work with NetSuite and want to learn more about the platform and meet like minded professionals to network, learn and share war stories. We help and receive help from each other to make our professional lives a little easier. If you live or work in the Los Angeles Area you can join us at our regularly scheduled User Group meetings. As we re-emerge from the wake of the global pandemic, the administrators of this group will be solely focused on providing opportunities for members that live and/or work in the Southern California region, and will work to ensure that all members meet the geographic criteria. We believe that these efforts are important to guarantee that the membership is focused on local issues and opportunities.


About Our Meetings

The Southern California NetSuite User Group hosts quarterly in-person meetings. At first, we hosted one meeting per quarter, moving the event locations in an attempt to accommodate NetSuite Users from such an expansive region. As our group has grown in numbers, we have been able to split one meeting into four, hosting Southern California events in Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego in the same week. As we continue to grow, we continue to assess the best ways to meet the needs of NetSuite Users in SoCal, and the potential to bring our in-person events to more convenient venues in the region.

At the onset of Covid-19, the Southern California NetSuite User Group made a rapid shift to Virtual Events, teaming up with The Northern California NetSuite User Group, and the New York Metro Area NetSuite User Group for our combined Virtual Summits. Since Q2 of 2020, we have remained in the virtual format, attempting to recreate the camaraderie and maintain the dialogue between users afforded to us by in-person events. We look forward to returning to our live events soon. 


About Our Administrators

The SoCal NetSuite User Group was founded by NetSuite Solution Providers Business Solution Partners and Nolan Business Solutions - two of the premier partners in the NetSuite Ecosystem. We collaborate to create an incredible User Group experience for our Southern California community. Together, with a board of directors made up of representatives from our User, Sponsor and Partner segmentation, we're responsible for scheduling, programing, administration, logistics, marketing, registration and all financial matters pertaining to User Group activities.

It's a big undertaking, and the time we dedicate to the administration of the Non-Profit User Group is considered a charitable donation. With that in mind, we're always on the lookout for individuals from within the User Group Membership that would like to support our efforts to run one of the largest and most active communities of NetSuite Users in the world. Got some time for us? If you would like to be a part of the superb group of people that make this User Group possible, please reach out to ccook@bspny.com for more information about how you can help.

About Our Sponsors

Sponsors of the Southern California NetSuite User Group are vital to our efforts. Their generous contributions ensure that we have the funds necessary to rent our meeting spaces, provide food and beverages at our events, accommodate travel and lodging for our on-site staff, and pay for all the tools necessary to run quarterly meetings at multiple locations throughout the Southern California region. In 2021, through the generous support of our sponsors, we made a significant investment in developing this new website, as well as the backend CMS and CRM that help us administrate all communication and event management on the HubSpot platform. We sincerely hope you enjoy all that our User Group has to offer, and remind you that without our sponsors, the experience just wouldn't be the same.

Please take a minute to familiarize yourself with the SoCal NUG Sponsors. Explore their software and service solutions that enhance the NetSuite experience and enrich our user community. Members may also access our "Member Benefits" section of this website to take advantage of special offers and incentives that our sponsors have made available only to the SoCal NUG membership.

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